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Cleaners - Rapid Clear, Prep, Tac, Supreme Wrap Care and Power Cleaner.

When installing products on a vehicle, you must use a cleaner before installing the graphic, stripe or molding. Soap and water is not enough and ammonia is a bad idea in this day and age. Use Rapid Prep cleaner before installing, Rapid Tac application fluid to help install stripes and graphics, Rapid Tac 2 application fluid for extreme weather temperatures and glass applications, TFX cleaner is also a good automotive cleaning product. If you already have a car wrap or a truck wrap, Wrap Cleaner is also available here.
Rapid Clear

Rapid Clear is the perfect end to a job well done and will make your work look it’s best.

From $4.19/EA
Rapid Prep

Rapid Prep easily and safely eliminates wax, grease, oil, silicone residues and other contaminants that are the number one reason for both paint and film application failures.

From $6.05/EA
Rapid Tac

The original application fluid allows you to have more time and control over your applications than ever before.

From $6.02/EA
Supreme Wrap Care Power Cleaner

p/n: 90001918

Supreme Wrap Care Power Cleaner for stubborn stains, helps keep you car looking great by removing difficult spots and stains that can not be removed with standard cleaner. Just spray and wipe to remove bird droppings, tree sap, tar, and other road grim. This professional-grade product can be used by anyone to bring back showroom quality looks.

TFX Cleaner

TFX Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning surfaces in preparation of vinyl graphics applications by removing residue.

From $11.30/EA
TG Prep

p/n: TG PREP

TG Prep Cleaner is formulated to thoroughly clean the surface before applying trim with adhesive.


$7 Flat Rate Shipping & FREE shipping for orders over $250!

*Restrictions apply