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About Car Pretty LLC

Car Pretty LLC is about service. Growing up in small town America, it was learned early in life that excellent service is vital to the success and growth of a business. Here at Car Pretty LLC we rely on your REPEAT business, recognizing the importance of providing excellent service. Because we realize that you have other options, SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS!

Car Pretty was established in 1974 in Glendale, California where we primarily installed stripes and graphics. Recognizing early that this was no fad, we began distributing to other installers as a means to get better pricing and to grow the business. As Car Pretty grew so did our family. Early on, while we worked on a car, our oldest daughter would stripe the inside bed of our truck with an old roll of striping.

Even though we loved California, we missed family back east and our growing business afforded us the opportunity to move to Richmond, Virginia in 1987 and open a new store. We kept the Glendale location open while focusing the new one on distributing aftermarket accessories. In 2000, we closed the California location when we felt that we were unable to properly maintain our desired standards of quality at such a great distance. Installing stripes every day is no longer our focus, but we haven't forgotten how installers operate. To all of you installers-WE'VE BEEN THERE!

Later on with the addition of the twins, the family business continued to grow. We've remained a family-owned business since our founding despite ups and downs, and have become one of the nation's major distributors in the automotive industry. Now the second generation has joined the first to accomplish our vision. As you now know, Car Pretty originated in California where the graphic trends first started, and we have been blessed to transform into a major distributor of the automotive aftermarket industry today. Though we have come a long way, Car Pretty is continuing to grow and change with the times. We strive to be innovative in keeping up with the latest trends to better serve you. In addition to offering a wide variety of quality products, we want them to be at a fair price and with the service you expect.

Hopefully we have given you a sense of who we are and what we are about.

If you are a believer, you will understand when we say, we are where we are today because of The Almighty God and His blessings. We couldn’t be more thankful, and it is to Him that we live and move and have our being…including the way we run our business. It is our hope that these values will be expressed through Car Pretty LLC and that you will witness these values. If this is not the case, since we are all human, LET US KNOW! It is our hope that all of our customers will be treated fairly and that each one of you will feel comforted in knowing that you can rely on and trust in us to serve you in the best way that we know how. At Car Pretty LLC, we would like to have a long-term relationship with you. You are not just a customer, but also a partner in a relationship whose survival is dependent one on the other. Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us and thank you for your business.

The Bertrams and Your Car Pretty Team

$7 Flat Rate Shipping & FREE shipping for orders over $250!

*Restrictions apply