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Other Tools - Organizers, Aprons, Knee Pads, Film Markers, Air Release, Rivet Brush, Pull and Hook.

Tool organizers, utilty aprons, knee pads, pulling tools, rivet brush, suction cups and molding roller.
Ergodyne Tool Organizer

p/n: OTED-5840LS

The Ergodyne Tool Organizer provides a convenient way to carry your tools too and from a job.

ErgodyneTool Roll Up

p/n: OTED-5870LS

The Ergodyne Tool Roll Up provides a quick and easy way to store your tools in one place.

3 Mil Clear Door Protector

p/n: OTA1172LS

The 3 Mil Clear Door Protector is the best way to protect your customers door panel during install.

3" Molding Roller


This 3" molding roller is used to apply maximum pressure to the molding that is being installed. This will ensure that the maximum adhesion bond is achieved.

Black Utility Apron

p/n: OTA3115BLS

The Black Utility Apron includes two large pouches in the front for tool storage along with loops on the end for hanging a spray bottle.

Door Upholstery Remover

p/n: OTA1477LS

Ergodyne Bucket Organizer

p/n: OTED-5863LS

The Ergodyne Bucket Organizer is great for those who never like to leave home without their tools.

Ergodyne Knee Pad

p/n: OTED-357LS

The Ergodyne Knee Pad is designed with a Honeycomb Gel that provides lightweight protection and stability.

Ergodyne Kneeling Pad

p/n: OTED-385LS

The Ergodyne Kneeling Pad provides comfort for all kneeling situations.

Ergodyne Pocket Waist Apron

p/n: OTED-5706LS

The Ergodyne Pocket Waist Apron is perfect for all of your tool storage needs.

Film Markers

The Film Marker is great for those times your film is a bit short.

From $9.98/EA
Ford / Honda Rear-View Mirror Remover

p/n: OTA2305FHLS

This is for removing mirrors from Ford & Honda products with ease.

Ford Rear-View Mirror Remover

p/n: OTA2306ELS

This is for removing mirrors from Ford products with ease.

Gasket Wizard

p/n: OTA1478LS

Use the Gasket Wizard to quickly and easily make the perfect gasket for your job.

Gasket Wizard Replacement Bungees

p/n: OTA1478RBCLS

The Gasket Wizard Replacement Bungees are for those bungees that have lost it's strength, gotten lost or broken.

GM Rear-View Mirror Remover

p/n: OTA2305ELS

This is for the removal of GM rear mirrors that are held on by spring clip.

Heavy Duty Suction Cup

p/n: OTA4003LS

The Heavy Duty Suction Cup is for automotive window tinting. Recommended for use on frame-less windows.

Hook Pulling Tool

p/n: OTA2304LS

The hook Pulling tool is great for pulling rubber gaskets back into place on vehicle doors.