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Cutters & Slitters - Ronan, Border Edge, Scissors, Molding and Tint Cutters.

You need a nice sharp edge for your molding cuts. Molding cutter is available here in 2 different sizes. Ronan 2" slitter is good for cutting vinyl roll goods 2 inches and under. Tint cutting scissors and paint protection film cutting scissors are needed tools in this business. We offer stainless steel scissors for cutting ppf. Box mounted cutter is helpful for slitting film out of the box.
Ronan Slitters & Accessories

Save time and money with these Ronan 2" or 16" slitters! They have adjustable blades, and slit vinyl cleanly to any desired width.

From $15.50/EA
Pruner-Plus Tool

p/n: CU403RS

Originally sold as an all purpose cutting tool which cuts everything from the thickest branches, to plastics, tubing, hose, auto trim, thick rope, thick leather, rubber, vinyl tile, etc.

Multi-Cut Tool

p/n: CU400RS

The patented Multi-Cut was originally designed for industrial use to cut tough vinyl trim with precision for the auto industry. Because of its unique ability to cut everything associated with the home, shop, industry, hobby, crafts, etc., we are pleased to offer this all purpose cutting tool for general use. This is an outstanding tool for both the contractor and "do it yourselfer" who needs to cut the "tough stuff".

Clever Cutter

p/n: CU8011RS

The "Original" patented 2 in 1 Clever Cutter was designed to make food preparation easier, quicker, and safer, with less mess, by eliminating bulky cutting boards. This unique tool combines a stainless steel kitchen knife with a mini-cutting board. If needed, the Clever Cutter separates to become an all purpose kitchen knife which can be used to cut, slice or dice.

Box Mounted Film Slitter

p/n: CUA0104RS

The Box Mounted Film Slitter makes any film box an economic and easy film cutting mechanism.

1/16" Border Edge Cutter

The Border Edge Cutter provides a perfect micro-edge. The Red Anodized slitter is a great tool for any border / edge cutting.

Olfa 5" Scissors

p/n: CUA2905RS

The Olfa 5" stainless steel scissors has serrated blades that keep material in place. Excellent for cutting multiple layers.

Olfa 7" Scissors

p/n: CUA2907RS

The Olfa 7" stainless steel scissors has serrated blades that keep material in place. Excellent for cutting multiple layers.

Stainless Steel Scissors

p/n: CUA2905SRS

Must have when needing to cut paint protection film with precision and smoothness.

5" Precision Edge Scissors

p/n: CUA2905SERS

These 5" Precision Scissors are made of a high quality stainless steel blades meet perfectly for precision cutting.