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Knives - Olfa, Hobby, Art, Rotary, Safety, Red Dot, Stainless Steel, Self Retracting and Ratchet Locking.

A-1000RP Knife

p/n: A1897

The A-1000RP knife is the worlds first, and NTs original 5 blade knife.

L-500GR Knife

p/n: A1896

The L-500GR Knife has an aluminum die cast grip and a sturdy die cast slide section.

A-300GR Knife

p/n: A1900

The A-300GR knife is a quality inexpensive knife. Stainless channel with metal surround for comfort.

A-551P Knife

p/n: A1898

The A-551P Knife is an affordable cartridge model holds 5 blades for faster changes.

Knife & Pick Holder

The Knife & Pick holder is a great tool for weeding and cutting purposes. This all aluminum holder will hold picks up to 1/16" size as well as most standard blades. Knife blades are not included.

From $6.45/EA
Liner Cutter

p/n: A1926

Olfa 180 Multi-Purpose Cutter

p/n: A1918

Ideal for light-duty cutting jobs and has a positive slide lock with a handle that is designed for control and comfort, a pocket clip, and built-in blade snapper.

Olfa 300 Knife

p/n: A1908

This knife is larger than other standard duty cutters, providing more leverage for tougher cutting projects.

Olfa Art Knife

p/n: A1905

Precision art knife featuring Olfa's exclusive HandSaver cushion grip, quick-spin blade change, perfectly balanced design and an anti-roll device. Designed for percision cutting, this cutter also accommodates a wide variety of Olfa art blades.

Olfa Auto Self Retracting Safety Knife

p/n: OS-SK-8

The Olfa Automatic Self Retracting Safety Knife SK-8 is a heavy duty cutter with a spring blade the produces an audible click when it comes into contact with the material being cut.

Olfa Compact Self Retracting Safety Knife

p/n: OS-SK-7

The Olfa Compact Self Retracting Safety Knife SK-7 has a low profile blade slide that reduces the amount of blade exposure when carrying inside a pocket.

Olfa Compass Cutter

p/n: A2800

The Olfa 6 inch compass cutter makes perfect circles in 6 inch diameter or less.

Olfa Designer Art Knife

p/n: A1905D

This innovative tool from Olfa has multiple uses and as shown in the picture, the knife has a holder and compartments to store the blades and needle all in one.

Olfa H/D H-1 Knife

p/n: A1911

Extra heavy-duty sure grip H-1 cutter features a ratchet wheel blade lock to prevent slipping, rubber grip insert for positive handle control and a rope loop.


$7 Flat Rate Shipping & FREE shipping for orders over $250!

*Restrictions apply