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Universal Rubber Guard / Bumper Protectors

Universal all black rubber car bumper protectors and universal all black rubber SUV bumper protectors.

Rear Bumper Protectors

Bumpers are often the most vulnerable part of a car. Even the best drivers can often face costly damages when their bumper is scuffed, dinged, or worse by factors out of their control. For peace of mind when driving or parking, consider investing in a bumper protector.

A bumper can receive dents or scuffs in a variety of ways, whether it be when you’re parking, loading groceries, or tossing equipment into your truck. A bumper protector will greatly mitigate the daily wear and tear your bumper will experience, in addition to sparing it from dings and scratches from careless drivers. Ensure that your bumper remains scuff-free by applying one of our high-quality bumper protectors.

About this item

  • PROTECT YOUR PAINT - Over the life of a vehicle, loading and unloading the trunk can leave your rear bumper with unsightly marks. This can be prevented with a rear bumper protector. If there are already scratches present, this product can also cover them up sometimes.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT - This product features a textured surface in order to keep you and your items safe when stepping on your bumper or setting your items down on your bumper.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - This rear bumper protector is easy to apply to your vehicle, no prior installation experience is necessary. Installation is as simple as clean, warm, peel, and stick.
  • COVERAGE - This item has been factory-checked and applies to the part of the bumper that is likely to receive the most damage. Some applications may not reach from side-to-side or front-to-back on the full bumper.
  • FITMENT DISPLAYED IN IMAGES - To ease concerns about fitment and placement, use the size variations to see images of our bumper protector on your vehicle.




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