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Detailing Tools - Gtechniq, Mitts, Pads, Suede and Microfiber Cloths.

Australian Long Hair Wash Mitt

p/n: DEWM1LS

Ultra soft merino wool Wool Selected for low burr content Loose structure releases dirt very easily Wool selected for low burr content Loose structure releases dirt very easily Exceptionally long fibers

Extra Applicator Pads

p/n: DEX10LS

These 100% cotton, incredibly soft applicator pads are designed for the application of Gtechniq’s coatings.

MF3 Micro Suede Cloth

p/n: DEMF3LS

Ideal cloth for applying all types of coatings to bodywork, like our MF1 cloths, this 40x40cm cloth has a 30% polyamide content making it exceptionally soft which significantly reduces the possibility of introducing any marring into your freshly detailed paintwork.

Microfiber Cloth

Highly absorbent 40x40cm 80% Polyester 20% Poly-amide non-scratch super soft microfiber.

From $4.08/EA
Power Glass Cloth

p/n: DEMF5LS

The Power Glass Cloth is great for cleaning glass The strong fishscale weave removes even microscopic grime from the surface of windows for the perfect crystal clear finish.

Tri Foam Polish Pad

p/n: DEFP1LS

Use the firm white face to remove defects and the fine black face to perfect.

Zero Scratch Microfiber Drying Cloth

p/n: DEMF2LS

The Zero Scratch Microfiber Drying Cloth is the easiest way to avoid the single most common cause of paint swirl marks: natural chamois leathers. Bound with a soft satin edge these microfiber towels absorb 7 times their own weight in water and can easily dry a large car without ringing out.