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Adhesive Promoters - Pens, Packets, Rapid Tac and Rapid Tac II.

Liquid adhesive primer is adhesive promoter available in adhesive sponge packets for one-time use or an adhesive pen for multiple installs. Rapid Tac Application fluid is an adhesive fluid available for graphics and larger work areas. For more aggressive adhesive applications, or cold weather adhesive applications Rapid Tac II is recommended.
TG Prep


TG Prep Cleaner is formulated to thoroughly clean the surface before applying trim with adhesive.

Adhesive Promoter Pen

p/n: ADPEN004298RS

Rapid Tac II

Rapid Tac II was developed to work with a wider variety of films and promotes bonding faster than the original Rapid Tac application fluid, which is ideal for cold weather and glass application.

From $5.70/EA
Rapid Tac

The original application fluid allows you to have more time and control over your applications than ever before.

From $5.20/EA
Adhesive Promoter Packet

p/n: AD04298RS