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Tapes - Teflon, Weather Resistant, Black Window Felt, Two Way and Red Window Film.

Black window felt tape, double sided 3-M two way tape, red window film tape, teflon tape and weatherable masking tape.
Black Window Felt Guide Tape

p/n: TAA1171FGES

The Black Felt Window Guide Tape prevents scratching of film from hard window guides.

Double Sided Acrylic Adhesive

This is a 3-M automotive grade acrylic foam two way tape that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces.

From $32.40/EA
Red Window Film Tape

p/n: TAA1170ES

The Red Window Film Tape takes care of your film with this factory certified tape.

Teflon Tape

p/n: TAA2534ES

Place this tape on your favorite squeegee during installation and heat shrinking.

Weatherable Masking Tape

p/n: TAA2507ES

This is a water resistant masking tape that you apply on felt around windows for cleaner a installation.