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Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film

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Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film

Nano-Fusion Protection, originally by Avery Dennison, acquired by CCL Label Automotive Division July 1, 2013. This film is a patented film technology that rises above every other film on the market. Topcoated films are more difficult to install and weather poorly over time. Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film is more conformable, easier to install, retains its gloss, and resists yellowing and cracking better than other film on the market.

Nano-Fusion is backed by the best warranty in the business: When installed by a certified installer, Nano provides a Limited Life Time Warranty.

Because there is no stiff topcoat to contend with, installing Nano-Fusion Protection™ film is easier … hands down.

•More conformable, easier to work onto the contours of the vehicle’s surface
•More flexible—compresses and expands easily for smooth finishing on any install
•More tackable—the adhesive is designed to tack and hold using the alcohol solution—60/40 solution of water (60) and 70% isopropyl alcohol (40)
•Easy release—using the soap (slip) solution—3 drops of baby shampoo in a quart of water—as needed to achieve the best install possible
•More positionable—with the soap (slip) solution the film lifts up and can be positioned readily and as often as needed for the best fit.

If quality is important to you and the reputation of your company, Nano-Fusion is the brand name you will want. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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